Steps to lower your chances of getting Coronavirus (COVID-19) when going outside

the virus doesn't move, people move it.

Here are 10 steps to lower your chances of getting COVID-19 when going outside :

Staying home ?

You my have heard this so many times by now from multiple media sources, to stay home to help fight this virus. Referring to the image above ,that is the best formula that we can practise and by staying home we can help get rid of this virus the fastest.

But what happens when you need to go out side, For food, groceries and any kind of necessity items.  Witch I hope at this point , that is the only reason you are going outside.

down below are 10 steps to take when going outside to lower  your chances of getting or bringing in COVID-19 back to your house.



1.Plan before you leave the house

PLan before going out during covid-19

If it’s a must to leave the house, make sure you plan ahead of time. Call to find out where you want to go is open.

Map out the places you are planing to go to. Make sure to have a plan B just in case you find that they are closed or are busy.

2.Shop online for delivery or pick up

Shop online during Coronavirus

What we hear most of the time now days on the news is about social distancing related to parks and trails but not enough is said about social distancing at grocery stores. Remember the best way we can avoid  the spread of COVID-19 is practice social distancing, and that applies to grocery shopping too .

Many places offer delivery, grocery stores such as loblaws and Walmart offer drop off by your car and it’s very easy. You simply shop them online setup a pick up time and they will have have it ready by their pick up zone.

3. Clothing and safety Gear

what to wear nad hand sanitizer during covid19

preparing your clothes before leaving the house and what accessories you want to take with you is very important. I will explain later on why.



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